School Uniforms Are a Good Idea

By Camila Guzman

In my opinion, I think that all the students in Montgomery Blair High School should wear uniforms for school.

The first reason is that with uniforms all the students will look better and orderly because it will look like all the students are clean and intelligent persons who are dedicated for their work in class. And maybe if they look like that, they can feel like that.

The second reason is that buying uniforms is cheaper that buying jeans and shirts for school and that is a benefit for the parents of the students that are in the school. Also the students won't have to worry about the clothes that they have to wear to school.

Another reason is that if they are out of school and the people want to know about what school that the student is going to, the people can know easily if the student is wearing a specific uniform. If a student from that school does something bad, the people from other places can know if the student is from a specific school.

I think that we have to support that the students should wear uniforms in Montgomery Blair High School, and if it is possible in the entire county too because is better for all of us.

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