End the Death Penalty

By Junior Max Destine

This semester I have the opportunity to be taking Honors Peace Studies, a course that I consider the best course I have ever taken at Blair High School. It has changed my opinion about many different aspects of life.

Often students feel that some classes are boring and they don't want to participate. But you wouldn't believe how Peace Studies is fun and at the same time gives students an open view of life. It is not a class to depress people but to make them appreciate their lives better.

So far we have studied about Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, the holocaust, the death penalty, the war between Israel and Palestine. One major topic that I am deeply interested in is the death penalty.

The death penalty is also called "capital punishment." That means that if the government chooses, it can decide that someone who commits a crime should die based on the seriousness of the crime. There are many ways that the government uses to execute people; it depends on the state that they are in. Most states use lethal injection or electrocution. Others use the gas chamber, hanging, or a firing squad.

I was once thought that the death penalty was moral in some cases. Now I am completely against it. After reading many articles about it, I believe that killing a person who commits a crime is not a part of human nature.

I have always wondered why we are destroying the world instead of constructing it. No matter how much a pain hurts, it will never bring relatives or someone who meant a lot back to you. I think humans have the ability to know good and evil. There are other ways the government can make a criminal pay for whatever crime they committed.

There are many other countries in the world that don't use the death penalty. In Africa they are Angola, the Ivory Coast, Mauritius, Mozambique, and South Africa. In the Americas they are Canada and Paraguay. In the Asia they are Hong Kong and Nepal. In Europe they are Great Britain, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Poland, Turkmenistan, and the Ukraine.

I hope that people will try to control anger and not let it control them. I do not believe that execution is the solution to a problem.  

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