Congress Should Pass Amnesty for Undocumented Immigrants
By Grecia Bartolo

I want to explain why Congress should pass an amnesty for the immigrants that want to work. Many people think that the immigrants are bad but that's not true. Some times people think that immigrants come just to attack this country. Many people have different ideas and different feelings toward immigrants.

One reason is that sometimes we ignore the fact that immigrants do work that nobody wants to do. One example of this is the many Mexicans work in agriculture. The workers work hard so we can eat vegetables and fruit. They have to wake up early so they can earn more hours. Sometimes their managers don't pay them and the immigrants cannot report this to the police because they don't have papers. They work hard everyday.

Another reason is that they don't have work in their countries. Some countries are so poor and they don't have money to pay to their workers. The poor people of other countries dream of the U.S.A. They want to come to this country and work to have a better life. A good example of this situation is Argentina. In Argentina the president announced to the government that their country is poor and the people there are desperate because they don't have work. In some places the people started to break into the stores and steal food.

I conclude that Congress should pass an amnesty for the immigrants so they can work freely. 

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