A Poem about My Country

By Maria G., Central Falls H.S.
This poem was written after Ms. Boss's class read the story "Mama, Do You Love Me?" and is written in the style of the story. Portuguese words are mixed in with English words.
"Mamae" do you love me?
Yes I do my "meu filho?"
How much?
I love you more than the monkey loves to eat bananas.
The fish loves to swim in the ocean.
The flower loves to grow in the mountain.
How long?
Until the salt turns into gold.
Until the rocks near "praia" turn into diamonds.
Until the waves turn into clouds.
What if
What if I put "warms" in your "manojaco"
"Smakes" in your "lencos" and "cola" in your "sandals."
Then "meu filjo" I will love you forever and
for always because you are "meu filho."

 Copyright Silver International Newspaper 2002 (This page was created by Marvin Rodriguez.)