Ethiopians Are Proud of Their Traditional Clothes

By Senayit Girma

Photos above show traditional clothes of women and men in Ethiopia

Traditional clothes in Ethiopia are exotic and made with culture-based cloth that represents our nation and Ethiopian's sense of pride and dignity.

Our cloth came from the old ancient culture of Ethiopia. Ethiopian traditional cloth is made of cotton that is woven together in long strips and then sewn together to make cloth. It takes about two to three weeks to make enough cloth for a dress.

Most people in Ethiopia wear the traditional cloth called "yahager lebse." On some cloth shiny threads are used to decorate it and make it more elegant. On the bottom of the skirt there can be a lot of patterns.

The traditional clothes are different for men and women. The men wear pants and a shirt all the way to the knee with a well-designed sweater and a piece of cloth on top. The color of the collar is white. Women wear dresses with a piece of cloth on top. It is culled "netela." For most of the women, the cloth is white but has other colors on the bottom, which gives it a unique look. The women also wear necklaces and also bracelets on our arms and feet. The bracelets are made from silver and gold.

In the countryside, traditional clothes are worn every day but not in the cities and towns. In the cities, many older people wear the traditional clothes in a daily basis. But youngsters like myself wear western clothes like Americans most of the time. But on special occasions, like holiday time for example, we wear the traditional clothes. We normally wear them for New Years, Christmas, and weddings. Even in the United States we wear out traditional clothes for Ethiopian holidays.

We are proud to wear our traditional clothes because they represent our beautiful country of Ethiopia.

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