A Former ESOL Student Starts a Successful Business

Douglas Franco, with the Help of His Father, Designs and Builds Outdoor Landscapes
By Elvis Castro

Mr. Douglas Franco is a former ESOL student who has created his own successful company. It is a stone and masonry business.

Mr. Franco came to the United States 13 years ago. He decided to come here because in El Salvador there was a big war. Also his parents were here. " I wanted to be with my parents," he said.

When Mr. Franco came to this country, he didn't speak any English. "When my parents enrolled me in the school, I didn't want to stay there. I felt bad," he said. That's the major problem foreign students have when they come to this country. They have problems in understanding. But Mr. Franco was a very intelligent person. "Every time in the math class, when we started a new unit or book problem, I learned it fast, and the teacher said that I should not be a student, but I should be a helper in the class," Mr. Franco said.

Mrs. Shilling, his English teacher, remembers that Mr. Franco didn't like to make errors. "Douglas was a very careful student and his hand writing was very nice," she said. He always got good grades and always turned in his homework on time. He never skipped classes and always was in the classroom on time. He was a very patient student.

Mr. Franco graduated from Blair in 1992. After he graduated from Blair, he and his Dad started their business. "My dad and I work together," Mr. Franco said. Now he is a very successful businessman. He is happy for what he is - for what he has done in his life.

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