Sampson Geeplah: A Great Soccer Player and a Great Student

Photo: Sampson Training at the soccer field.
Geeplah Photo
By Ranold Pearce

Sampson Geeplah is one of the best soccer players in the DC area. "Being able to be known as one of the top ten players in the county is a great honor to me," he said. "However I plan to continue my career in college this fall."

Sampson is a senior in Montgomery Blair High School. He is a very high profile student who knows how to carry himself. "I just want to be a good student and a better person when I am in high school and in college. Being a senior is very challenging but my expectation is to achieve a good education in high school and in my college life," he said.

His role on the soccer team is midfielder. This requires him to distribute the ball to the other players. "In soccer I just want to be competitive in all areas and make my teammates better. This comes through patience and not giving up in a

play but challenging my opponents in many ways," he said.

Sampson wants his life to be as good as his soccer game. "My prospect for life is to be successful in all areas of education, like choosing my right major, and choosing the right companions, too," he said. "I feel that success counts most by gaining education and grabbing every opportunity I have and being the best in what I choose."

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