Ms. Jane Winter: A Very Helpful Teacher

Ms. Winter photo

Ms. Winter helps Maritza Barrera with her math work.

By Tizeta Girma

Ms. Winter is an ESOL teacher at Montgomery Blair H.S. She has been a great teacher for me and other ESOL students since we have known her. Many of her students like her help and also her personality. She also is a very helpful person in the ESOL Academic Support Help Room.

Ms. Winter is so dedicated. "She sees her students like her kids," said senior Fortune Djenonyombaye. "I love to work with Ms. Winter. I will do anything she asks me to do because she is really nice to me and to others," said Fortune.

Ms.Winter has been teaching English language learners for 13 years. She lived in Mexico for two years and was teaching the adult immigrants before she started teaching in high school.

Ms. Winter has been teaching for 10 years at Blair. She teaches ESOL level 4 and math and geography to students in the METS program. She said, "I like to help my students and other students after school and at lunch time." It's common to see Ms. Winter staying late at school to help people.

Besides teaching, she is also doing some extra things at school. She helps different international groups when they need her help. She always gives them her room for practice for their performing when they need it. "I like to work with all clubs because it's so helpful for me to learn different kinds of culture," she said. One of the clubs she helps is the Ethiopian Club. The club members said, "We would like to say thank you so much to Ms. Winter. She has been so helpful to our club."

She also helps many students to finish their community service hours by giving them work to do in school. "If Ms. Winter weren't here, I wouldn't be able to do my community service hours. She has been so helpful to all students," said Samrawit Berhane, a 10th grader at Blair.

Ms. Winter also received a staff member of the week award from Renaissance Program. "I am really happy to have this award because it helps me to work harder," she said.

Ms.Winter enjoys working with ESOL students because she learns a lot from them. "It makes me feel so young," she said. "I want to learn more languages," she added. "I want my students and others to be more successful to navigate their way in school in America."  

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