Blair's Honor Code: An International Student View

By Fortune Djenonyombaye

Blair has a new honor code that was given to students at the beginning of the second semester. Some internationl students like it and some do not like it.

The honor code is the way the school tries to let students know that they must do their own work. Many students at Blair complained about the honor code. Diane Bolane didn't like the way the honor code was given to students "because I was forced to sign it and, if I didn't, I would have to go to my administrator," she said.

But Alida Gohoure, a senior, said, " The honor code is a good thing because it makes you responsible for your own actions." Alida went to a private school when she was in the Ivory Coast and they had the same kind of rules. She said, "You couldn't cheat. If you cheated you would suffer the consequences."

Some students believe that speaking another language to help a student who does not understand is not a violation of the honor code. Junior Umaru Williams thinks it's important for students to be able to help other students in their own language when they have problems. "No matter what the teacher says, I would speak my language to help the person so that she or he would understand."

Ms. Lisa Cannon, who is an English teacher, doesn't allow her students to speak another language in her class. "I think that when students speak another language, it is not helpful." She said that if they don't understand, they should ask her and she would explain the lesson in a different way.

Ms. Smrek, a psychology teacher, said that if a student doesn't understand, the person who helps can tell the correct steps to solve a problem, but not just tell them the answer. But because teachers don't speak the languages of all the students, it's not possible for them to know if a student is speaking another language to tell a student the answer or to explain how to do it.

A group of students has been meeting to make suggestions for a better honor code next year.

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