Blair Shows Its Diversity: The International Show 2002

The indian group performs a dance in the International Show 2002. The dances is called Raas and is performed using sticks called dandiya.

By Karla Quiñones

With a dragon entering from the back of the auditorium this year's International Show started the first of 13 acts for a night of international cultural entertainment.

The Montgomery Blair International Club presented the International Show on Friday, March 15, 2002. The show was a total success, "Around 600 people came to the show when only 300 people were expected," said Ms. Bohórquez the director of the show and sponsor of the International Club.

One thing that was obvious this year was that in many of the performances students participated in dances of other cultures, not their own.

In the dance Vietnam/Latin-Unity, two Vietnamese and three Hispanic girls decided to combine their dances, "We wanted to exchange cultures and learn about each other's dances," said junior Maria Atahualpa, one of the participants, "and show that race doesn't make a difference."

One other difference about this year's International Show is that the Hispanic students had their own segment rather than mixing Latin dances in with the other dances. The Hispanic Club presentation included traditional dances like the Salsa, a modern dance to the song Mambo #5, and a student video presentation about Latin music. The video showed students talking about how important their music is for them.

In Montgomery Blair High School there is a diversity of students from all over the world and the International Show gave students the opportunity to display their own cultures and learn from each other. It was a very fun event that many students hope continues year after year.

Members of the Hispanic Club perform a typical dance from Mexico.

Members of the Chinese Club perform the Dragon Dance.

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