My Goals after Graduation

By Meyveline Escobar

After I graduate from high school I am planning to study clothing design. I also would like to study computer graphics, as this will work well with my design work.

I found out that there is a school for design in Pennsylvania so probably I'll move there. If I decide to study computer graphics, I'll go to Montgomery College first or if I decide to study design maybe I'll move to Pennsylvania.

I am doing my own design now to practice. It will be a little difficult for me to go to college because I have the responsibility of taking care of my daughter, Valerie, but I know that I will make it, both raising my child and pursuing my career.

I have a busy life. I have to go to work after I leave school. Then I go home and take care of my little girl. I am happy with my baby. I love her so much and I am so happy to have her. We are going to spend happy times together.

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