Christmas in Mexico

By Carlos A. Raba

Christmas is different in every country in the world. I'm from Mexico and I am going to introduce you to Christmas in Mexico.

Christmas in Mexico is not too different from here in the United States. We celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December and make dinner for all the family. Before dinner we exchange presents with each other just like a secret Santa. After dinner we all sit and talk and talk the whole night. It is really fun because I have some very silly aunts and uncles. They make a lot of jokes.

The morning of the 25th is time to see our presents that "Santa Claus" has brought for us. We all wake up really early and run to the Christmas tree. After opening the presents my mom and aunts make breakfast in my house. We all share what we enjoy about Christmas and how is it going to be the next year. It is great!

Here in the U.S we made the dinner this year, the 25th of December. But it was different from Mexico. Just my brother, my brother's girlfriend, and some friends of the family got together this Christmas.

Really it does not matter how you celebrate the holiday. What matters is having fun and experiencing harmony with your family and friends.

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