Lunar New Year: China's Biggest Holiday

By Manwen Ye

Chinese New Year is the biggest holiday in China. It's known as "Frostiest Spring." It's a fun and important time for everyone.

At New Year's time, the students have two or three weeks vacation and all workers have a day off, too. People in China can get together with their families and enjoy the New Year celebrations.

But before the Chinese New Year the people have to be ready for it. They have to do a lot of things. The people have to buy a lot of things because they have to cook a lot of different food for the New Year's day. They also have to clean their houses because after the New Year's day, the people go to their friends' houses and their houses must be clean. They want the people to feel comfortable being in their houses.

When they clean the house, they have to move all the things from their house. They have to move beds, furniture, and everything outside. If the people have a second floor, they have to move things outside from second floor. That's difficult to move because they don't have elevators and they only have steps. They use some equipment to move the big things out. But they have to choose a sunny day. On a sunny day, the places they clean will dry quickly.

On the day before New Year's, when the clock reaches to 12 a.m., everyone must get back home and sleep. That's a rule. The people have to listen.

In the early morning, everyone has to wake up to eat breakfast. On this day all people dress differently, not like a normal day. For breakfast some foods are special. When you eat them, you become lucky and make lot of money. But you have to be very careful with the chopsticks. If you drop one on the floor or you can't hold it, you or your family will have a lot of bad luck that year.

After eating, the parent's pass out the "lucky money" to their children. But the children have to say some good things to their parents and others who give them money.

Also everyone goes out shopping and has fun outside. Then they play cards and other things. If they play cards and lose, they have to pay the person who wins.

At night they have fireworks. All the people go out of their houses to see it or their can stay home and turn on the TV. The fireworks are fun to see because they only have them one or two times per year. That's why the people are very excited about seeing it.

The next days the people go to the homes of other people they know to eat dinner. They have to do this because that's the way every person does it in China. If they do not go, that means they are not friendly with other people. Also the kids make a lot of money.

The New Year's is a time for fun and happiness. People can relax. It's most people's favorite holiday.

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