An Experience I'll Never Forget

By Elvis Castro

I'll never forget when someone told me that my father was dead.

I was 10 years old at that time. I never lived with my father because since my mother was pregnant, they got separated. Even though both were married with a different person, I still loved my dad.

One time it was raining and there was a hurricane where we lived. The hurricane broke a lot of trees. The roof of the houses were broken and some were gone. Trees were on the street. We were so scared about it, because it was so hard. The next day at about 8:00 a.m., a man went to my house and told my grandmother that he heard my dad was killed.

My mother asked me if I wanted to go see him. I told her "yes." I got ready to go and then we left. I was worried and frightened.

But when we were on our way to where my father was, someone told us that it wasn't my dad that was dead. It was my uncle. They got confused and thought that my dad was dead because he has a twin. My dad and my uncle look exactly the same.

When I heard that my dad wasn't dead, I was happy, but still sad because my uncle was dead.

After all this, I saw my dad, I told him that I was so scared and sad because I thought it was him that that was dead.

He told me "Thanks to God no! " But he didn't want that tragedy to happen to his twin brother.

I asked my daddy, "How did it happen? "

He told me that my uncle went to a tool store to buy some things to fix his car. Some robbers went to the store where he was. The robbers were shooting in the store asking for money. My dad's twin got shot. There was another uncle there ,too. He got hurt but he was fine and a cousin who was there was ok. Only one was dead, my dad's twin brother, the person I thought was my dad.

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