Achieving My Goals in School

By Amilcar Vega

During the time of high school years a lot of great and unforgettable moments happen that are kept in our minds forever, illustrated like a movie with a lot of details and emotions. Each student has a different story to tell his or her children and friends about high school times. The most popular story that people tell is when they fell in love for the first time, but my story will be a little different from the others.

My story is more related to academic achievement and goals that I planned to achieve during high school. At first it seemed very complicated for me to reach these goals when I started my first year of high school. But as the time went by, I became more used to it and I began to see that my future was right around the corner.

I used to be upset with myself and angry at the same time because I didn't understand anything that the teachers were saying and that made me feel dumb. I always wished that I could speak English to take regular classes as the rest of the kids. To accomplish my goals I had to work extra hard and what helped me the most was that I had a positive inner drive that made me feel strong to defeat any obstacles that stood in front of me. I went to the academic support rooms almost all the time whether it was during lunch or after school to keep up with my homework.

All the teachers that I had or have known me very well have helped me a lot in many ways, academically and personally. I have a different opinion about the teachers from other students that I have heard. Like the excuse they used to tell their parents or friends that the teachers hate them and that is the reason why they are failing the classes. I never had the experience of how you feel when you fail or skip a class. I don't know why, but I found all my classes interesting and fun at the same time, which made me go to all of them. I think that it might be because I participate and listen to the teachers when they are talking. I believe that if you want to do well in a class all you have to do is the homework, study, and participate in class and I assure you, you will get an A in that class.

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