From Rolling Terrace E.S. - Our Favorite Holiday

The students from Rolling Terrace wrote about their favorite holiday, which is Christmas. We have selected a short version from their writing.


We like Christmas day because we spend time with our family. We eat rice, beans and meat.

Genesis Vega

We spend a lot of time playing. My family comes and we eat cake, turkey and blow out candles.

Nidia Flores

We play snowballs, then we make snowman. We play going down the mountain with the snow.

Jose Bernal

I go to the store and buy food. I play with my brothers and sisters. I like to read stories to the kids.

Fredy Ramirez

I go to Six Flags. I go to the movies and play with my friends. I see snow and trees. I eat cake and chicken.

Alfred Conteh

During Christmas it is my birthday. I play soccer and basketball with my dad. I love snowball and go outside with my family.

Christian Pineda

I see trees and light. I eat mango because it is yummi. I see that everybody wears new clothes.

Sawear Chowdhury

I get a lot of toys and I can play with my brothers. My mom cooks very well. I have the change to see my family too.

Carmen Hernadez

I spend time in the snow. With my family we play in the snow.

John Diaz

I get gifts and I eat food with my family. I eat pizza.

Alberto Santos

We eat tamales and pupusas. I see ice. I see cars that make a lot of smoke. I see people with dogs and cats.

Joshua Mohim

Last year there was one thing under the Christmas tree. When I woke up, there was my name on it. It was a toy car and I was very happy.

Paul Pereira

I play with my cousins at Christmas. I see fire works and it flies in the air. I eat chicken with rice. I get a Barbie and a Barbie bike.

Erica Mejia

I see a motorcycle with a man. I see Santa Claus. I help my dad put up a Christmas tree.

Santos Fuentes

I buy presents. I get presents from friends and my family. I put up pictures at Christmas. I help my parents buy the Christmas tree.

Sebastian Soto-Daza

My grandfather, my granduncle and grandaunt come to my house. They love me. My dad doesn't want to put up the Christmas tree. We still have fun anyway.

Ruth Boito

We celebrate with music. My aunt buys me toys and my dad buys me a robot.

Roberto Flores

I go to my Aunt's house and I hug my little cousin. And my big cousin gives us a Christmas present. Then, my mom wakes me up and Christmas was almost gone

Caren Tursio


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