Student Writing

The Attack

By Leiul Solomon

The craziness on September 11…. I am really, really sorry for those whose life ended suddenly. Sometimes I think life is strange. All the humans know there is death somewhere, right? But we don't know when we will die, like all the victims of Sept 11. They didn't know they were going to die. They were working, shopping…. enjoying their lives. Unfortunately their lives ended up ridiculously because of the terrorists.

Another thing of that I'm sorry is that day was New Years for Ethiopians. Also there were some Ethiopian victims who died on the beginning of their New Years. Maybe they were thinking to do so many good things in the future, but they died.

Anyway, I wish, that they are in heaven. At last I want to repeat this statement from the speech of President Bush, "Even though I walk through the Valley of death, I feel no fear for you are with me."



By Nga Chung
I am sitting here and thinking
When will my family be with my dad?
I am sitting here and waiting,
Waiting for the call of men
Who will come
And get my family to join him
To where we once dreamed;
To where we will be free
Where life is better.
I am sitting here and dreaming,
Dreaming of a home,
Dreaming of a happy family
In the United States, free.


I Miss My Friends

By Elbaelena Zelaya

I miss my friends in California. Missing a friend is something that you can't describe. You just know that you miss that person, but you can't describe it. I feel bad. I feel like I don't have any friends. My friends from California were part of my heart and they always are going to be in my heart, in my mind. I always think of that day that I will have to go back to California, that day is going to be the happiest day that I ever had. I'm waiting for that day to come.

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