Student Writing from Ms. Holmes' Classes


Coming Home to My New Country

When I lived in Cuba, I always wanted to live in the United States. I imagined myself playing in a tree house with my friends, watching TV, and speaking English (although at that time I didn't know English). As I grew up, the Cuban government tried to "brain wash" me with Communist ideas through the school. But I saw that things were not as they said they were and I became less patriotic and loyal to my country. I started to love the United States, and as time passed this feeling grew stronger and stronger.

By the time I was in 5th grade I didn't like Cuba anymore. I hated it and I took the United States as my country and became loyal to it. About a year and six months ago, as I was coming to the United States by plane, I felt like I was "coming home."


My Family

My family and I used to spend a lot of time together. We used to get together every Sunday evening. My three sisters and four brothers, of course, my father and my mother used to spend all the happiest times together.

Since my mother and father have gotten divorced nothing is the same for all of us. I don't even remember when the last Sunday was when we got together. I still miss those Sundays.


Thinking about My Life in Vietnam

When I was born my family was very poor. During that time conditions were very bad but my father and my mom took care of me even though my mom didn't have enough money.

When I first set my eyes on my village under the terrible life of Vietnam, I told my family, "Communism is evil and the life of the Communist will never bring happiness."

Today God has blessed me to be in the USA to have a better life with my mom always by my side. But when I set my eyes on my father in America, I remember the way they treated my dad and the other people in Vietnam. Never will I lose those images from my mind.


My Hometown

By Maria

For some reason my country, Puerto Rico belongs to the United States.

When I lived there, my life was different. Everything was fun. All my family lived near my house, even my classmates lived close to me.

After school, I used to go to a restaurant close to my best friend's home. Five of my best friends were everywhere I went.

Like every single Puerto Rican, I want peace for Vieques and we want to be independent from the United States government.

I have much to thank the United States in giving me the opportunities to have a better life, but I still believe Vieques deserves peace.



By George

I was born in Managua, Nicaragua. This was a very big city compared with the other cities in Nicaragua, I loved that place but when I was eight or nine years old my parents got divorced. When I was ten, my mom had to move to the United States because of the economy. We were without her for 3 years or more. Then she found out a way to get as to come to her in the U.S where she lived. We moved into Maryland. It was a very big change for my two younger brothers and me. Now we have been in the U.S for three or four years.

I like Maryland for many reasons. One reason is the weather. I like this kind of weather because we have summer and in summer time I go to the beach or to the mountains. I go to very beautiful parks like the Kentucky Horse Park and I can go on the big horses etc. When I go to the beach, especially Ocean City, I love it because the sand is very clean and soft and the waves are big. I rent a jet ski with my brother and we go for a ride. In the wintertime, we play on the snow we go ice skating, too.


Sometimes We Don't Know What We Have Until It's Gone

By Zelika

I grew up in Burkina Faso, a country in West Africa. I have been in foreign countries for the summer but I never left my country for such as long time. Now I am in the United States thousands miles away from my country and I miss it. I know how important my country is for me. My friends, my father and the rest and my family did not seem that important as now. Now, sometimes I feel like something is missing inside me. I know that it is my dad, my friends, and my country. Now, I know that you only recognize valuable things when you are far away from them.


Terrorists Attack America

By Jomark

Tuesday September 11, 2001, the terrorists attacked America. At 8:45 A.M. the terrorist attacked. They attacked the World Trade Center. They hijacked four planes. Two of the planes crashed into the World Trade Center and one crashed into the Pentagon and the last one crashed in Pennsylvania. After the world trade center got hit, they attacked the Pentagon. The media said that maybe the plane's original target was the White House where President Bush lived.

When the world Trade Center got hit it collapsed. Both of the buildings (twin buildings) collapsed. A lot of people lost their lives, the people in the planes, the people who worked at the World Trade Center, the people who worked at the Pentagon, and other people who were running from the World Trade Center as it collapsed. There were people who sacrificed their lives to save others&emdash; the firefighters, police, and many, many people.

According to what I heard in the news, 300 firefighters were massing and many police and other people. I'm glad that there still people who make those kinds of sacrifices, full of courage and kindness. I just hope that the government can do something about this tragedy. They should find out who did these terrorist attacks and make them pay for what they've done and make them suffer.


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