Roller Blading Becomes a Student's Number One Sport

 By Junior Max Destine

Roller blading is common in the United States but it's not as common in Chile. But Camila Silva, a freshman at Montgomery Blair, is one person from Chile who has made first roller blading and now ice skating a big part of her life.

Camila was nine years old when she lived in Chile and started roller blading. At a family picnic, she saw people going around and around, "It was like a circle," she said. " Oh! My God! ," she cried. "What are they doing?" she asked her mother. People were roller blading.

Soon she was thinking about roller blading all the time. She started on skates with four wheels. After a while she switched to inline skates. After a short time her mother got her into a team, " I realized that I was good at it," she said.

When she came to the United States she saw people roller blading again and found a team. It is a very fun sport. "I go to competitions every week and sometimes Saturdays," she said.

Camila sometimes goes to Laurel, Maryland after school. "On Monday I practice indoors, and Wednesday, Thursday outdoors," she said.

Right now she is not sure about her future in roller blading partly because she also ice skates in ice skating competitions. In fact she is so good at ice skating that her coach is preparing her to skate for the U.S. national team.

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