My College Planning Started Early

By Darlene Doku

High school is a time when students should be thinking about their futures. Some students have been planning their lives since 1st grade with the help of their parents. But students whose parents did not go to college will have more problems.

For me, my parents did not help me with my college plans. They wanted me to do it myself and I started early. I could not wait for my senior year.

When I was in 11th grade I started my college research and my career plans. Maybe my counselor was overwhelmed to hear that, but my mind was made up. I wanted to know my career options. Because I always wanted to go into the medical field, I decided that pre-medicine would be my major in college. I started by evaluating schools in my range and liking. I started with ten schools and later decided on six.

I also had to take the PSAT. The PSAT is a test that is practice for the SAT, a test that many colleges require. My score was in the middle, not high and not low. But I got a lot of encouragement from my counselor that I would do well on the SAT. Before I took the SAT at the end of 11th grade, I took a SAT prep class after school every Tuesday and Thursday.

I used the Career Center as my second home and it was very helpful. My lunch time and leisure time were always spent at the Career Center. Some people called me "small Ms. Williams." Ms. Sharon Williams is the person in charge of the Career Center. I was anxious to know about job opportunities that are available at this time. I used many websites such as,, and

Now I am left with four schools in mind. As a senior, I have a lot of college applications and essays to do and I have to continue to emphasize my grades. The most important thing is to get good grades in all my classes. I am taking some challengeable courses that will enable me to get more chances of getting my first choice of college.

I have been working hard planning my career because I don't want to be in dilemma after high school. I want to know what the future holds for me.

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