Students Interview Classmates in Mrs. Shilling's Class 

Edith Flores Interviews Roxana Aguilera

When Roxana was a girl, she had to move to a new place. Roxana went to live with her grandmother because her mother went to another state. She had to move one more time but this time she moved to another country. She moved to the United States. She felt happy because she wanted to see her family. When she came to the United States she went with her mother and her sisters and they came in an airplane.

She remembered some sad moments in her life. She remembered when she began going to first grade. When she went to first grade, she felt not so happy because she didn't see her other teacher in kindergarten anymore. That happened because she changed to another school.

In her life she had special moments with her family. When her sister was born she felt so happy because she wanted to hold her sister in her arms. She wanted to do this because she never held somebody in her arms.

She lives with her mother and her sisters. She has only two sisters and she is the second one in her family. Her grandmother lives in El Salvador with her cousin.

Roxana's mother decided to bring her to the United States because she wanted her to learn English. Her mother chose this country to learn English because in this country the education is better. Roxana wants to learn English because she likes this language.

Like all young people Roxana wants to go to college and she wants to be lawyer. She likes this profession because she wants to help innocent people.


Douglas Caceres Interviews Lazaro Berrios

Lazaro is from El Salvador. He is Salvadorian. He was born on March 28, 1985. He is now 16 years old.

Lazaro has an interesting family. In El Salvador he lived with his grandparents. He felt very nice living with his grandparents. But now he lives with his parents. He didn't see his parents for 11 years before he came to the United States. He has two brothers and two sisters. The oldest is 23 years old.

When he was young, he moved to a different house in a different city. This was the first time he moved. But he moved again. This time it was to the United States.

He talked to me about when he came to the United States. He came in September, 1999. At this time, he lived in Silver Spring.

When he came to United States, he had a job. He started to work for a little time. After that he started school in the year 2000.

When he started he felt very nervous because he didn't have friends. Now he is in ESOL level 2 with me. We are in Mrs. Shilling's class.

He did many things when he was in El Salvador. One thing is he rode horses when he was only nine years old. He likes playing soccer. He usually plays soccer in lunch time.


Silvia Cabrera Interviews Sophia Ramirez

Sophia's family is from Peru, but she lived in Italy for 11 years. She speaks Spanish, French, Italian, and English.

Sophia has a small family. She has two brothers and one sister. She lives with her mom. She started to study maternity in Italy. Then she studied media school in Rome, Italy. She studied ballet because that makes her feel happy when she is angry.

Sophia likes to play basketball and she likes to dance, too. She would like to be a flight attendant because she likes to travel and meet new countries and she likes to know about other people's cultures.

Sophia thinks that this country has many opportunities for everybody that comes here for a good life, but she says that she loves her country.

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