El Salvador Independence Day's :Parades of Children

By Elvis Castro
Photo: On Independence Day in El Salvador, school bands wearing blule and white uniforms march all around the city.

Independence Day is a very important holiday in my country El Salvador. We celebrate it on September 15.That day is very important because that was the day that El Salvador got its freedom from Spain. It got its freedom by fighting. The people who fought for the freedom were Jose Matias Delgado, Jose Simeon Callas, and the Aguilar brothers. They are only three of many people who worked and fought a lot to help the country to be independent. September 15, 1821 was when they won independence. Before the day, teachers and students at school prepare a parade for the people.

At 7:00 a.m. on September 15, students and the bands get ready to march all around the city. Cheerleaders get ready to dance, too. Students dress with uniforms, blue and white, the colors of our flag. Blue means the color of the sky or water and white means peace.

After students finish marching all around the city, they march to the school. At school the students have a show that they prepared for the people. In one part of the show they pretend to be someone famous. "I like to imitate singers because I admire them and I also love music," one Blair student from El Salvador said.

In another part of the show they dance folkloric music and other kinds of music, like merengue, salsa and others.

At the beginning of the show, everyone stands and sings the national song. Then the groups come out one by one to dance in front of the people.

Students dress with different clothes. Some wear folkloric dresses. But everyone looks nice.

This is a great holiday that Salvadorians love to celebrate. It is a very happy day, because all the people from the city unite to celebrate it.

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