A Nickelodeon Star Visits Rolling Terrace Elementary School

Students in Ms. Rhodes class wrote about Taina, a star on Nickelodeon who visited their school. Below is a selection of the writing.

Taina came to R.T.E.S. to show us do good work at school. Taina was happy. Taina is cool.

Ruby Salmeron-Chavez


Taina came to our school on February 27, 2001 for an assembly. It was at the gym at 1:00.

Jose Games


Taina works in Nickelodeon. She came to R.T.E.S. She is pretty and she is 19 years old.

Madeline Martinez


Taina sings well. Taina is pretty because Taina changed her hair. Taina's voice is very sweet.

David Garcias


She sang and talked with us so we could learn more about her. She was born in New York City.

Hosman Sorto


At the assembly, Taina picked the second graders and the first graders to ask her a question. She picked me. I said, "Tell us about Slimetime." Also, I said, "how does the slime feel?" I wrote her a letter. I said she is the only super star singer. She is the best singer. She never gives up. She said the important thing about school is to stay in school.

Tony Nguyen


She was pretty because she wore beautiful clothes. She surprised us!

Evelyn Christy Flores

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