Writing from Other Schools

EL Salvador

by Wilver Rodriguez, Takoma Park M.S.


El Salvador,
The sound of the cows in the corral,
El Salvador,
The taste of chicken tamales,
El Salvador,
The feel of cool river water,
El Salvador,
The sight of people going home on bicycles,
El Salvador,
The smell of grass on the soccer fields.



My Feelings about America

by Natalia Arellano, Montgomery Village M.S.


When I was in my country I thought the life in the United States would be easier. I knew my dad was going get a new job and also because I knew I was going to have new friends and practice all the English that I know. I thought it was going to be great and the schools were going to be better and harder too.

When I came here I decided that it was cool. I made new friends and I still e-mail them. I'm practicing my English and I know it's better than when I came. Also, my dad got a job. He works with Apple Computers.

Then I thought it was different. When I was in school, I realized that school was easier than in my country. Everything that they were learning here in 5th grade, I learned in 3rd grade! Also I didn't know we had to come in normal clothes. I mean that in my country we had to wear uniforms.



What I Thought About Living in the U.S.

by Famina Frooq, Montgomery Village


At first I was sad to leave my other family behind, but now I feel great. I thought the U.S. would look really big because I'm from a little village in my country.

I thought my life in the United States would be very bad and I thought I would be sad. too. But it didn't turn that way, it turned out good and I love it.



Differences between the U.S. and the Philippines

by Glenn Pernites, Montgomery Village M.S.


When I was in the Philippines, I was thinking that the U.S. was going to be a nice place to live. When I was in my country, I was so nutty and stubborn. I liked to hang out with my friends. When my mom called us and said, "I'm going to take you all and have a better life in U.S." I was like, can she really do that? But she did.

When I was playing cards and we were playing for money, I wasn't scared to loose my money because I knew that we would be going to U.S. and the U.S. money is better than Philippine money.

I thought my life would be happy, always hanging around with friends. The difference is my life before was just nothing. But now I have a good life and I have lots of friends in my church.


Earthquake in El Salvador

by Irvin Uranga, New Hampshire Estates E.S.


There was an earthquake in El Salvador.
Hundreds of people died.
All the people cried and people were sad because they missed their families and their babies too.
I want to go to El Salvador to see what is wrong.
I will help all the people in El Salvador and help them a lot.
And I will help my family.
I will bring them food and drink.
I will bring them good things.



by Solomom Bullo, Takoma Park M.S.


The sound of hyenas in the night,
The taste of potatoes from the farm,
The feel of a stick hitting me,
The sight of foxes eating sheep,
The smell of my mother's sweet cakes.


Being Helpful

by Maira Lazo. Montgomery Village M.S.

When I was 10 years old I helped a pig because he got a belt in his neck. I took care of him because he almost died.

Sometimes I helped my grandmother to put water to the chickens because when she was tired always I helped her because I love her and she's my favorite grandmother.

One day I was really nervous because my little dog, Tali because she cut her leg. I cut the cloth and put a little cloth on her leg. But now she lives in El Salvador. This is the story about the animals and people I helped.



Helping Each Other

by Troncon Chea, Montgomery Village M.S.


When I was little my brother helped me to set bird traps because I didn't know how to set the traps. When I learned how to set the trap, I would just go by myself and set it.

After that time I was on my own, I didn't ask anybody to help me set the traps anymore. But one day my brother asked me to tell him how to talk to girls because he didn't know how to talk to girls and I was so happy to tell him how people talk to girls.

When he learned how to talk to girls he never asked me again about anything and we were happy because we helped each other about how to do things. He helped me how to set traps and I helped him how to talk to girls.



What I Thought Life Would Be Like in the U.S.

by Mario Hoyos, Montgomery Village M.S.


In my country I always was thinking about the United States and how it would be to live in America. The first time I thought America was dirty, violent and people smoking. I thought life would be hard in America because I thought it was like any other country.

I also thought that life was hard for Spanish and immigrants from all over the world. And it's true, some Spanish people suffer to live in this country.

Now I think only one thing it was different. That is that I thought it was dirty. Now I know that it isn't true and the United States probably is be the cleanest country.



A Time When I Was Scared

by Andres Medina, Takoma Park M.S.


One day we were going to the mountains in Cota, Colombia. I was afraid of many things, but mostly of dogs. That day I saw a dog. It was a Great Dane. I was a lot smaller than the dog. The dog was tied and there were two big chains around his neck. Every time that I looked at him, I thought that he was going to kill me. This was the first time I saw that dog.

One day I was going to a store to buy some candy and I saw the dog. He was loose. He was running free. I started to run but he jumped on me. I thought he was going to kill me. I was afraid of him but he just wanted to play. He just started to lick my face. Now we are best friends.



My Beautiful House in the Dominican Republic

by Leonel Caro, Takoma Park M.S


This is my house. Inside it is nice. There is a garden in the front and a coconut tree on the side. Tourists take pictures of my house.

I like to jump on the tire in front of my house. We count to ten. You lose if you are in the air when we say "ten."

I like to sit on the roof in the summer. There is a special chair for that. We would spray the roof and we would spray ourselves to cool off. This is about my house in the Dominican Republic.


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