Students Perform Stone Fox

by Tania Saballos, Marvin Castro, Cristian Encinas, Isaac Ruana, Jorge Encinas, Leah Cabrera

Photo: Eduardo Howell (standing) plays Willie and Evelynh Zet (on the floor) plays the dog Searchlight in one ot the performances of Stone Fox.

We are going to tell you a story about Stone Fox. This novel is about a child that lives with his grandfather in the farmer's house and they work hard because they want money to pay for taxes.

When we finished reading the novel, we made a play about this story. Everything in the play was interesting because we worked hard for it and we all had fun. First, we read the book, and then Mrs. Shilling gave us a paper about the vocabulary and questions in each chapter. It was good because it made us focus more on each chapter. This book has ten chapters. Everyday, we analyzed and studied about each chapter. After each discussion, we took a test regarding what we had learned. Then we took a second test. The first test was about the vocabulary, and the second test was about questions. The second test was the most difficult for us because it was longer than the first one.

After the tests, Mrs. Shilling announced that we were going to make a play about this book. The class was divided into four groups, and each group wrote a script for two chapters. The next day, we continued to work in our groups, and tried to finish the play script. Then we tried to practice the play. We also prepared props for the play.

On the day of the presentation, each group was well prepared with clothes, hats, drawings, and everything that we needed for the play. For the presentation, everyone was involved in the acting. Mr. Bellino even came to video tape our play. We were allowed fifteen minutes to act, and we were very nervous.

After all, we worked hard and we finished the play. Then we saw the videotapes and we liked it. This was a good experience, because we learned many things. We learned through Grandfather and Little Willy that love is the most important thing in life.


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