Our Goals by Students in Ms. Waltz's Class

Students in Ms. Waltz's class recently finished a unit about goals in life. At the end of the unit, they wrote about three important goals that they had for themselves. They could write about long-term and short-term goals. Here are selections from what the students wrote.

Issela Garcia

My first goal is that I want to graduate from college. This is a long time goal because I need to finish the high school and then go to college. I would like to become a dentist or a bilingual secretary. I have not decided what I'm going to study but I know that in a few years I will achieve these goals. Also I know that I need my mom to help me because for me she is the most important person in my life and each determination in my life is going to affect her. I want to demonstrate to her that I did this because I love her.


Tizeta Girma

My first goal is to graduate from high school and college. I said this goal is important because to become anything that you want in your future you should finish high school and college. It's very important to go to school in this country to have a good future and to communicate with others. To achieve my goal I have to study hard, get a good grades, pass all of my courses, get help from my teachers, and follow the school rules. I know this is a long-term goal but I believe that it will happen one day.


Claudia Hernandez

My first goal that I want to achieve is to speak and write English very well. This is an intellectual goal. It is important to me because it will help me to communicate with other people whom don't speak Spanish. Also it will help me to find or get a better job. If I could speak English better it would help me to understand all my classes better or participate in them without shame of me speaking English. This is a short-term goal because I need to achieve this in a few years. To reach this goal very soon I will study more English and I'll write a lot of English to learn to write it and speak it very well.



Georges E. Rousseau

My goal is to get a 4.00 grade. The reason that is important to me is to have the experience of being a 4.00 student , to get on the honor roll, and get my name in the newspaper. What I'm doing to achieve this goal is by getting help when I need it. This goal is a short term goal because I'm already in 11th grade and I only have five quarters left.


Nitesh Sharma

My first goal is that, I want to become a computer programmer. It is my long-term goal and I can do this after graduation. I need to do many things for myself to achieve this goal. I have to learn many computer books, take many computer classes in school, and also need to type faster to save time. It is really important for me because I want to do this and it is my career goal.


Oscar Vega

My goal is to go to college. This is long term goal. After I finish my high school I will like to have a good education in my life and will like to make a lot of money when I finish college. I want to be a professional in the future and I also want to help my family because they are helping me now with my education. I want to be a pilot. That is why I want to go to college.


Amir Ahmed

My very important goal in this life is to be an architect. This is my intellectual goal. I want to an architect because I think I have a hobby illustrating things, like building and towers. I also want to get a good salary during my work life. This is a long-term goal that I hope to achieve after a collage. I will do many things to make this dream come true. Some are study hard, do home work and class work every time. I won't miss classes and I will get a good grade in each class, and also will get a good result in the SAT. I will also try to pass the ESOL exam and go to regular English classes in 11th grade. I will also try to pass same honors classes and earn same extra credit and then graduate from high school.


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