Why It's Important to Stay in School for Students


Cecilia Ventura was a student in Blair H.S. for four years but she dropped out of school in 12th grade. She is sorry that she lost the opportunity to finish high school and hopes that this article will help others learn from her mistake.



by Cecilia Ventura

In the 9th grade I was doing great. I did not miss one day of school and my grades were As, Bs, and Cs and I got a letter from the principal because I was on the honor roll.

But in the 10th grade, all my friends from middle school came to Blair and they liked to skip school so I started skipping with them and going to parties in school time. We got caught by the police a couple of times, but we did not learn from that and kept getting suspended from school from the 10th to 12th grade.

Then my friends were getting kicked out of school, but I was always skipping and I did not care about my future. Skipping from school was the life for me and just because of that I was cool with my friends. Really I did not like to miss a day of school but it was not because I liked school or going to class. It was because there was a party like every week.

Now I really regret my 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. I was spending a lot of time in the office because of my absences and my grades and getting into trouble. Sometimes I was only sleeping in class and not paying attention. I was trying to concentrate, but it was hard. I don't know why, but it was hard for me.

Staying in school is the best thing to do. Graduating and getting your diploma is what every student needs to do because you will need it in the future. Staying in school is a good way to learn not only English, but to know math, science, history, etc. Now I know that going to school is not only having good attendance, but paying attention and learning what the teachers are teaching. Teachers give their best so we can learn, but we don't appreciate it until we don't graduate.

Now I have a son and I don't have a diploma and without a diploma, I can't get a good job to support my baby. I tried to get back into school this year but they didn't want me back because I wasn't a good student. I'm never going to forget those last words they said to me, "You can't get back in school. Seniors only get one chance." And she said to me after that, "You have to get out of school because you are not a student." Those words are still in my mind, but I know it was my fault.

PLEASE!! Stay in school and use this opportunity you have to make your future better!


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