Our Life Decisions by Students in Ms. Gutierrez's Class

Students in Ms. Gutierrez's class wrote about four life decisions. Here is a short sample from each student.

I am going to visit my family in El Salvador in the summer for three reasons .My first reason is to see my grandmother and my grandfather because I have a lot of time without seeing them.


First of all, I will be a businessman .The business that I am planning to own is a supermarket. I will need about 20 employees to work in the supermarket . Some of the employees will be working in the meat department . Some of will be packing the shelves and some will be working at the cash register.


I am going to finish my high school in 2002 for four reasons. My first reason is that high school is very important to me. My second reason is that I want to have a job. My third reason is that I want to have a good salary. My fourth reason is that I want to be an example for my sisters and my brothers because I want them to study hard so they have a very good job.


I am going to talk about my second decision. My second decision is I am going to work hard in 2004 for many reasons. First I need to have money to get whatever I want because I want to buy a house in the future. When I work, I am going to help my family. I am going to learn new things from the job.


Third, I will have a car. I will be able to go out at night and I will go to places faster. After I have my car, I will get married.


First I am going to work hard before I go to college because I need to pay for college. After that, I will go to college because I want to study medicine. I am going to college in 2004 because I want to be a medical technician and because I want to learn more English. I want to learn more about this profession. Later, I will open a small clinic to help people who need help.


After coming back from my vacation I am going to buy a restaurant .I am going to hire people to work in my restaurant. The reason why I want to own a restaurant is because I like to cook.


I want to graduate because I want my diploma and I want to study to be a computer programmer. I want to be a computer programmer because they pay well and it is a great job for me. My hope is be a computer programmer. I don't want to die before my dreams come true.


I am going to graduate in 2003. I am going to get a better job in the future . I am going to be an important person. I am going to have a big party for my graduation.

After I graduate from high school, I will get a good job in a store. I have to make good money. I am to get good benefits. I am going to go on vacations to visit my grandmother. I am going to meet new people. I am going to help them.


I will go to college because I want to have a future. I want to be a nurse because I like to help people. But I also like animals because we need animals for companionship. What do you think I should pick, nurse or veterinarian?


I will go to college to study and become a police. The reason is that I want to improve the law in my country because many people die and so many black people in my country are slaves. There is no freedom.


My last decision is to buy a house. I want to buy a house to live a better life. I don't want to pay rent because my mother pays rent every end of the month . So I want to help my mother to stop paying rent. Also, I want to have my pets in my house . I will have a dog, a cat and a bird.


When I am back in El Salvador, I want to go to university in 2005 because I need to prepare my future. Also need to prepare for my family and give education to my children. I want them to study so that I can help my children.


My decision number four is I am going to live in El Salvador. I need a lot of money so I have to go to work five or six years and then go to El Salvador in 2006. I will never come back to the United States because in El Salvador I have my family, my brother and my friends. I am going to buy a house and help my family.



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