I'll Call You by Television!

Live Video Now Becoming a Way to Contact Friends and Relatives in Distant Countries

by Marvin Rodriguez

There are many different ways to communicate with anybody that is far away. We all know about telephone, Internet, and letters. But also there is another way that many people do not know about. It is television! In El Salvador they call it "Canal Uno" - "Channel One." Channel One was made by a company named Gigante Espres. That company also sends money or letters from the U.S. to any country.

Basically the way that Channel One works is like this. If somebody wants to talk to their family in their country, they go into a room in the Channel One office where there is a TV. Above the TV, there is a camera. It is the same thing in the country where your family is. Also there are some chairs and a desk that the people use.

You, in the USA, and your family in the other place know what time they have to be there. Then they all talk to each other and look at each other at the same time. The cost depends on how much time the people want to talk and see their family. The cost is about one dollar for a minute.

Wendy Martinez, is a junior at Blair H.S. She has used Channel One before. "I think that Channel One is very effective because you can see your family and also you can talk with them all at the same time. I have used it several times when I was in my country and here in the United States."

Wendy sees many advantges of this kind of communicaton. "I like Channel One because I see my family in an easy and faster way and I think that it is very important for people in this country who haven't seen their families for a long time," she said.

Maria Rodriguez is Wendy's mother. She, like Wendy, has used Channel One many times. "It is a good idea for the people who want to see their family and I would like them to extend that program for all countries in Latin America, for all the people that are far away from their countries and more important from their family," she said.

"I like Channel One a lot because it is an easy way to see my family and it is a very good program for our relatives in our country because they do not have to do anything, just stay at home and wait for someone to come to their house to pick them and bring them to any Channel One location."

"When the meeting is over, they bring my family back to their home. And another good thing about Channel One is that my family in my country does not have to pay anything. We pay for all the service right here in the United States. Channel One is a very good invention, I would like to have that equipment in my own home," she said.


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