A Visitor from China Comes to Blair

by Liwen Ye

Photo: Mr. Charles Wang speaks with Ms. Xie during her visit to Blair.

Montgomery Blair gets many visitors from other counties. One visitor who visited Blair recently is from China. Her name is Xuizhi Xie. She is a principal of a middle school in Northern China. She wanted to come here because she heard about our school and wanted to come to see it. Blair is the same size as her school in China.

Ms. Xie saw many differences between her school in China and Blair. She said that the American system of education is more open which means they have more choices for students. Students can join many clubs in the school. They can also choose many different courses.

Another difference is that students are very active in the class. In China, students just sit in the class and listen to the teachers. When the bell rings, students stay in the same class waiting for the next teacher.

The school hours in China are longer than school in the U.S.A. "Our school starts from 7:30 in the morning and the school ends at 5:00 p.m.," Ms. Xie said. "Also some students live in the school because their home is far away. They have to study in the evening from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.," she added.

Ms. Xie also thinks the technology is not as good in China as she saw in Blair. "We have a lot of computers in the classrooms, but students do not have the Internet like here," Ms.Xie said. "Only the principal has the Internet in the office." Ms. Xie added, "We still want to learn more computer skills from America."

Another very big difference is the schools in China are not free. Students have to pay from the time they enter school to the time they graduate. "Chinese students who live at the school have to pay a lot of money for three years in the high school," Ms. Xie said. "Other students who live at home, pay less money."

Ms. Xie seemed to appreciate her visit to Blair and hopes to have more contact with our school when she returns.

Ms. Xie took some copies of Silver International and plans to give it to the teachers in her school. "Maybe our students will participate in the paper next year," she said.


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