The International Club Presents Its Annual Show

by Aissata Soumah

Niwashin Shrestha, Deepti Muraleedharan and Shephali Malhotra perform a dance from India.

The Montgomery Blair International Club presented the International Show on Friday, March 9, 2001. This show was a representation of different cultures and traditions that were presented by many Blair international students.

The show presented traditional and modern dances from many different countries, as well as break-dancers, and some original songs. The countries that were represented were China, Turkey, India, Cameroon, Korea, Ethiopia, and countries in Central America.

This year's show opened with the dance with the dragon, a representation of the Lunar New Year Celebration, which is the Chinese tradition. They were also other traditional presentations that were to show other students their dances and cultures of their countries. The Indians dance was traditional. The Ethiopian students presented a modern Ethiopian dance. Senayit, a Blair graduate, said, "The girls did a good job in their presentation." A Turkish dance was also part of the show. The Latin countries that participated in the show presented a salsa dance and a traditional dance from Puerto Rico.

This year's show didn't have only the ESOL students that participated. There were some regular English students too. "Culture is in everybody's heritage," junior Xiaozhu Fan said.

As the show went on, the audience became more involved. They were clapping and calling their friend's names just to encourage them in what they were doing on the stage. "This show was wonderful and the audience was also nice," Clovis Mba, a Blair graduate and also last year's International Club president said. He also performed in this year's show with his brother and a friend. "It felt good to come back and perform my traditions in Blair," he added.

"I think this was a very good show. I liked it because it's nice to give a chance to the international students to express themselves," said a middle school student. The students and sponsors worked very hard to put this show together. Based on the reaction of the audience, it was clear that people agreed with this student and they loved it.

The International Club sponsor, Ms. Margarita Borhorquez who organized the show, said, "The show was a success. There were more people there than we thought it was going to be. It took two months to put it together. But it ended up being like we wanted it to be."


Students in the Chinese Club perform the Dragon Dance.

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