Name Poems - from Parkland Middle School

Jose Reyes
Just be good with each other.
Open your mind in class.
See all the things around you.
English is easy to understand other people.



Nigel Glay
Never fight
In school
Good grades
Eats a lot in school



Paola Calva
Perfect in friendship
Athletic in sports like hockey
Ocean has dolphins that I like
Animals are fun like dogs


Sandra Ochoa
A good friend
Noble with all people
Driving my life
Responsible and honest all the time
Always listening to my parents


Mohamed Bangoura
My favorite thing in my life is to play soccer.
Obey teachers and friends.
Have a good future in life.
A good friend that help his friends.
Marry a good woman.
Easy to make friends and learn.
Dance with lots of girls.
Aqsa Hamid
Always listens to teachers and parents.
Always respects every body.
Smart and loving
Outdoors and love singing
My favorite thing is to dance
Beautiful and caring
Outstanding in school


Rikik Yifredew
Kind to people
I am proud of who I am!


Rosmery Garcia
Many hearts for you
Every body love me
Really sweet
You mean too much for me.


Nafissa Pio
Nice and naughty
Active in sports
Intelligent and smart
Solves any problems
Carcastic most of the times with my friends
Annoyed with out my friends


Monica Loonza
Marvelous in dancing
Orlando, Florida my favorite place
Nice person
Intelligent in homework


Luis Mendoza
Love my dog Tarzan
United States is a good country
I am a good student
Soccer is my sport


Jose Cruz
Joy at school and likes to learn many things in the world.
Outstanding in anything I get to do my way.
Soccer my favorite sport.


Barbara Astudillo
Berries, favorite fruit
Able to stay alone
Reads horror books
Baby-sits dogs
Always happy
Rare name
Australia, favorite part of the world


Agustin Luna
Always watch wrestling
Goes to school
Usually plays video games
Sees friends
Trouble all the time
I wrestle a lot
Never stops fighting with my brother the country that I came from.

Copyright Silver International Newspaper 2001 (This page was created by Marvin Rodriguez.)