Takoma Park M.S. Students Tell Their Stories

Angel Camilo

I was born in the Dominican Republic June 15, 1988. My mother is Eliza, and my father is Simon. I have a brother and sister. I like to play PlayStation and Nintendo 64.

I remember the beaches of my country, the family of my mother and the family of my father. The name of my school was El Primerio. My friends were Randy, Victor, Ricardo. I played baseball and basketball with my friends. In my country I ate spaghetti and potatoes. The special thing about my country is the beautiful beaches because they are clean.

It took 4 hours and 30 minutes to arrive in the United States. The day I came was September 26, 1999. The day I came here I felt happy. I came with my sister. I slept the first night in an apartment. It looked clean and small and good. I went to Piney Branch ES. I was 12 years old. Now I am in 6th grade.

It took 5 months to feel good in the United States because I learned more English. The special thing that happened to me was I saw my mother.

Dolores Hernandez

I was born in El Salvador. The name of the state where I was born was Cabanas. I was born June 25, 1986. My mom's name is Maria. My dad's name is Oscar. I don't have any sisters. But I have one brother. His name is Richard. He is nine years old. I like to play baseball and volleyball. I like to make macaroni and cheese.

I came from El Salvador in March, 1999. El Salvador looked beautiful. It was a small country. It had many rivers where you can go and fish. I remember that there was a lot of stores, supermarkets, and grocery stores. My grandparents, my cousins and uncles still live there. The name of my school was Colegio San Franciso. It was a big school but the school didn't have lockers. I had a lot of friends. My best friends' names were Rita, Nancy and Ana. I liked to play baseball. It was my favorite game. I played baseball every day. The food that I like to eat was chicken and rice. This was my favorite food. El Salvador had special part called Los Chorros. There was a part where there was a lot of water that looked like a big river. It was a beautiful place.

My trip took one week to arrive in the United States. Monday was the day that I arrived. I felt happy and a little scared because I didn't know what my dad and mom looked like. I came with my cousin Mario and my aunt Aracely. I slept in Maryland in my mom's house. My mom's house was big and was a beautiful house. When I came, I was scared because I didn't speak English. I was 12 years old. I was in 7th grade. That was last year. Now I am in 8th grade.

It took 3 months to feel good in the United States. It didn't take too long to feel like I was in my country. The good thing that happened in the United States was that in my report card the first time I got "B" and "A." I was the Star Student of the Month for January.

Oscar Cruz

Hi, my name is Oscar. I was born in El Salvador. My mother's name is Daysi. I have a sister. My sister's name is Carolina. I like to write paragraphs, and I like to learn spelling words.

My country was beautiful and they had good food. I remember the house of my grandmother. I remember the cows. In my country I had my grandmother, grandfather, my uncle, and my dogs. I went to school in my country. My school's name was Anita Guerero. I liked that school. I had like 50 friends in my country. I liked to play soccer. I was on a soccer team. I am on a soccer team here too. I ate chicken, meat, fruit, and rice. I liked to eat all that food.

To feel comfortable in the United States, it took two years to read and get good grades. In the United States the schools have good teachers. The United States is good. The United States has good food, good restaurants, and good people. I like the United States. That is all.


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