Blair Government Students Play Congress on Capitol Hill

by Fortune Djenonyombaye

In November, Mr. West and other teachers such as Mr. Wang and Ms. Borhórquez organized a government field trip to help the ESOL students understand how the government is working in the USA. Among those students, many of them were surprised by the way that the government works including me.

I was surprised because I went to the Capitol many times, but I didn't have the chance to see how the inside looks. The building is very, very enormous. I couldn't believe my eyes.

I visited a lot of different places and my chaperone was always there to explain to me why they created such things in the Capitol and why it is so important to help people know about their government.

Because the Senators and Representatives were not meeting that day, we went to a Senate committee room to play a role ourselves as Senators and Representatives that are making the laws. Mr. West and the the other teachers who were helping him, divided the whole group into small groups to make the work easier. There were three different kinds of groups. The first group was the conservatives, the second the liberals, and the last group was the moderates. The conservatives and liberals were supposed to convince the moderates to support their ideas on the bill.

The field trip helped me to learn more about the government ways and it also helped me to understand better the lesson in the classroom while Mr. West was explaining it. The more I learned in the Capitol about Congress, the better the lesson in school sounded to my ears.

I want to thank all those teachers who made this field trip possible. It was very amusing and very interesting. I hope that my friends had as much fun as I did.


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