Students Like the Help They Get in Academic Support

by Marvin Rodriguez

In Montgomery Blair High School there are academic support rooms for each subject, like math, science, English, ESOL, etc. In these rooms teachers give a kind of academic support, helping students at lunch time and after school.

This idea is an old one for Blair now. According to Mr. Bellino, the ESOL resource teacher, the math department had one of the first academic support rooms many years ago. Also the ESOL students used to have a place for help because they used to meet during lunch and after school and get help in Ms. Demers' room. She is not in Blair anymore. Now she is in Seneca Valley High School.

When we moved to the new Blair, the principal, Mr. Gainous, proposed that every department have special rooms for academic support. Now there are many different rooms for students to go to for help during lunch and after school.

ESOL academic support is very special for students who are in ESOL now or were in ESOL before. It is in the room 151. There are many ESOL teachers helping students with their work. They don't help with only English. They help with all subjects. This academic support is open during both lunch periods and also after school every day except Friday.

Many students come to this academic support room to get help from the teachers and the instructional assistants. Juan Massaya, a 12th grader, goes to ESOL academic support like many other students because he has some responsibilities to do. "I come to ESOL academic support because after school I have a job to go to and I don't have enough time to do my homework," he said.

Juan thinks that ESOL academic support is a good place to go for any problem from his regular subjects, too, not just ESOL. "In some classes that I have the teachers used to speak English that sometimes I do not understand. Here in ESOL academic support the teachers know that I'm learning English and they take their time to explain to me and also make it easy for me to resolve my subject's problem. That's why I always come to ESOL academic support," he said.

Many ESOL students seem to agree with Juan. Sergio Hernandez is another student in Blair H.S. He thinks that ESOL academic support is a very good place to go to do homework or any other kind of problem relative to school. "I always come to ESOL academic support because there are many people that speak my language and I feel comfortable there. I get better grades and the most important thing, with ESOL's teachers I understand everything," he said.

Ms. Gutierrez is one of the teachers that helps in the ESOL academic support, "I really enjoy helping students because I work with them one on one," she said.

Even though students have questions about many subjects, Ms. Gutierrez thinks that is not a problem. "Many teachers are good at many different kinds of subjects and when one teacher doesn't know something or can't help, the teacher asks somebody else to help," Ms. Gutierrez said.

So many students and teachers think almost the same about ESOL academic support. It is a very good place to go to get help to be successful in school.


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