India Suffers Through a Tremendous Earthquake: One Hundred Thousand Die

by Hema Godwin

A powerful earthquake has struck the northwestern part of India and parts of Pakistan. Gujarat is one of the huge states of India. An earthquake toll is expected more than 100,000 people. Now they are full of bodies and patients in the main hospital of the city Ahmedabad.

The Indian soldiers are trying to find all the bodies. News reports say that 20,000 Indian soldiers joined by international teams from Britain, France, Russia, Switzerland and Turkey to search for the people who are still alive. Some people are leaving from Ahmedabad to Bombay and others are moving to New Delhi and Rajasthan.

The American Red Cross donated $45,000 and their relief workers traveled to India to help earthquake survivors. The World Bank in the United States has offered 300 million dollars to help India recover. Australia, Britain, Japan, China and Switzerland have donated a lot of money to India to help the people who suffered. Pakistan's air force planes are delivering 200 tents and 2,500 blankets to India. The Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee said that the government will introduce new taxes to rebuild all the buildings and houses in Gujarat.

In 1991 and 1999, an earthquake attacked the Uttar Pradesh, a huge state of India. Also in 1993, an earthquake hit Maharashtra, a middle state of India. Many times, the earthquake attacked India. We (the Indians) are happy about the help that India got from many countries. Ihe Indian people are very thankful to the countries who helped the earthquake survivors.



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