Earthquakes Hit in the Countries of El Salvador and India

by Silvia Rivera

The author of this article is a Blair 10th grader who was in El Salvador the d aay the earthquake hit. Here is her story.

I remember that day. It was January 13th of 2001. I was in the second floor of the house and about to take a shower when the earthquake started. At the time the earthquake did not have the strength of a really dangerous earthquake. It seemed like it couldn't cause any damage. But suddenly it started to become more powerful and it felt like when a washing machine is moving fast from one side to the other.

The first thing I thought of when the earthquake started was God. I also thought that I could die at that exact moment and would not see my parents and friends. I don't know how I could think so many things in less than three minutes. When I experienced all this I wasn't alone, I was with the housekeeper.

Finally the earthquake stopped and I went outside to make a phone call. But I wasn't able to call anyone because the phones were not working. I was worried because it was not possible to communicate with my family and friends to find out if they were okay or something had happened to them. I was worried about them. I was afraid that something might have happened to them during this terrible earthquake.

It appeared as if it were over, but once again it started, but not as intense as the previous ones. When the earthquake stopped and I was able to leave, I went to my mother's house to see if she was okay and thanks to God she was fine. Then earthquake started again. This repeated very frequently for a several times. Sometimes it was strong and sometimes it wasn't.

This same day my family, friends and I went to other neighborhoods that were more affected. We helped others and also we were digging out to see if we could find someone alive. The following day, Sunday, the bodies had a bad odor. To help more we took and distributed rice and beans to the victims of the earthquake.

This was terrible to see everyone sleeping on the ground and out of their houses for fear that what was left of their houses might fall down on them.

The fact is that we have to help people who need help because they need our help now. Some day they might be the ones who help us. I am thankful because nothing happened to me and I have the chance to write about it so others might appreciate what it's like to experience an earthquake.

Camilo Cueto helped with this article.

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