Our Countries by Students in Forest Knolls Elementary School


El Salvador

by Adriana Coto, Forest Knolls E.S.
El Salvador,
It is a very small country,
But with many beautiful places
And rich food I am craving
Like pupusas with cream.
El Salvador,
You can find much traditional food
Like corn and chicken tamales,
And tamales with refried beans.
El Salvador
If you go to camp
Carry a hammock for relaxation
And have a drink of coconut
It feels very fine.
El Salvador,
You show off your beautiful beaches
With your big waves big waves
And we leave the sea
And go to eat a delicious plate
Of fish with a soda.
El Salvador



by Cesar Ruiz, Forest Knolls E.S.


Mexico the land of water and the rain and dirt...
Mexico the taste of rice and water and fish...
Mexico the touch of cars and water and houses...
Mexico the sight of Bunna and my dad and my mom...
It is beautiful to have a good breakfast

El Salvador

by Nancy Granados, Forest Knolls E.S.


El Salvador,
Red chicken's sound in the night...
The sound of birds calling to each other...
The sound of the ocean wind.
El Salvador,
The taste of green mangos and lemon...
The taste of pizza and pepperoni...
The taste of pupusas with cheese.
El Salvador,
The feel of the sand on my feet...
The feel of mangoes in my hands...
The feel of the sun on my back.
El Salvador,
The sight of the grey sand under the blue water...
The sight of the red fish swimming on the blue ocean...
The sight of the black cow running on the dusty road.
El Salvador,
The smell of the new shirts...
The smell of the green mangoes...
The smell of the red flower.
Sitting with my mother.
We eat hot tortillas and fresh cheese
And beans and hot chocolate.
El Salvador,
It is fine to go at the end of the week
To a restaurant to eat
A plate of shrimp with rice
Or a bowl of delicious conch cocktail.

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