Our Bio Poems &emdash; by Students in Central Falls High School

I am merry and modest and taciturn and sensitive.
I am the daughter of Elizabeth and Andrew.
Lover of liberty and books
Friend of Ilona and Andy.
Who feels happy and enamoured and solitary.
Who needs friends and family.
Who fears snakes and violence and solitude.
Who gives love and tenderness and confidence.
Who would like to see Poland and Ireland and Australia.
Resident of Rhode Island.
I am a Poem
I am water and fire and air.
I like blue colors and books and myself.
I find satisfaction in my poetry.
I never am angry.
I love my grandmother and my mother and my friend .
I can be friendly when someone needs help.
This is me.
I am Justyna.


I'm studious, friendly and honest.
I'm the son of Miguel and Liz.
Lover of salsa, sports and my friends.
Who feels happy, delicate and careful.
Who needs money, love and respect.
Who fears the end of the world, the dark and rejection.
Who gives attention, understanding and love.
Who likes to see the ladies, movies and the world.
Resident of Central Falls.C.E.
I'm very forward about things, emotional and respectful.
I'm the son of Victor and Anneris.
Lover of Carin, merengue and bachata.
Who feels happy, sad, and angry.
Who needs respect, love and family.
Who fears rejection, prison, and not being respected.
Who gives attention, respect, and nice comments about the way you dress.
Who would like to see the world, my family on their feet, and no one ever giving up hope.
Resident of Central Falls
A mountain, thunderstorm, and plants.
I like playing sports, drawing, and talking to girls on the phone.
I find satisfaction in playing with my Sega Dreamcast.
I can be very angry when someone disrespects me in any way.
I can forgive, but not forget.
I love my mother, sister, and my friends.
I can be very friendly if you get to know me.
This is me.
Luis Amy friend.
I can be friendly when someone needs help.
This is me.
Luis A.

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