Average Teenagers from Other Countries

The Average Jamaican

by Odewayne Adams

I am from Jamaica. The average Jamaican lives in an apartment. The average Jamaican eats rice; flour and a dish called hockey. The typical Jamaican loves soccer. The number one sport in Jamaica is soccer. Most people like soccer. Basketball is not that important to most Jamaicans.

The typical teenager goes to school sometimes. The typical school day is 6 or 7 hours. Usually school starts at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 2:00. The classes and schools are small. After school, the typical teenager goes to the beach or to their friends' houses. The typical teenager has a girlfriend or a boyfriend. The typical teenager girl loves boys who play sports. And the typical teenage boys and girls live parties.

The Average Liberian

by June Moko

The average Liberian in my country eats rice. He plays soccer and goes to school. He works on a farm and plants rice. The typical Liberian teenager goes to school. The teenagers do homework together.

In Liberia we eat what the other people eat. We play other sports and build houses Liberia is a good country that loves soccer so teenagers play soccer.

The teenagers that are 18 can vote for a government in the country. My country has a war right now.

The Average Salvadorian

by Josue Montesino

I am Salvadorian, but I am not typical. In El Salvador I play tennis and work on the farm. We also like other games, but other teenagers don't like to play tennis.

The typical teenager goes to work because his family needs money. Many teenagers work after school. The average Salvadorian goes to the doctor. The average Salvadorian lives with his family. He doesn't have a computer. The average Salvadorian lives in a house.

The typical teenager has pets. Some teenagers like dogs, cats, and some don't like dogs. Some teenagers work in a farm but sometimes it is dangerous because of the snakes. Some teenagers like to work in farms, because the farms have animals and vegetables. The typical teenager goes to church every day.


The Average Salvadorian

by Igna Trejo

I am from El Salvador, but I am not a typical teenager because I live in the United State. A typical teenager in El Salvador likes to play soccer and works on a farm. He likes his friends. He loves to eat rice. The teenager goes to school. He doesn't take a bus, but he walks to school everyday.

My family lives in El Salvador. They work everyday. The love playing sports. They also vote for the government. My family goes to the beach and they have parties. My country doesn't have a war right now.

My friends are very nice too. They have computers and they go to school everyday. They like to eat bananas. They like to eat fish and hunt. They have some animals. They live in houses. They have cats, dogs, and birds.


A Typical Person in My Country

by Freddy Rivas

The average Salvadorian lives in a house. Most Salvadorians play soccer. Most Salvadorians do not have money. Most Salvadorians go to school three hours a day. Most Salvadorians work in farms. Most Salvadorians have cars. The average Salvadorian plays soccer.

The average Salvadorian eats chicken. Most Salvadorians live in small houses. Most Salvadorians like to have friends. Most Salvadorians don t like to play volleyball.

They like to study and they like music. Most Salvadorians do not lie to write stories.

Most Salvadorians have bikes. Most Salvadorians have religion. Most Salvadorians like pictures. Most Salvadorians drink soda. They do not like to drink water. Most Salvadorians have pets.

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