From Korea to the United States

by Tae Lee

I was born in Korea on December 1, 1982. My family is my father, mother, older brother, and I. I'm in eleventh grade in Blair High School. I lived in an apartment in Korea. There were three bedrooms, one living room, and two bathrooms. And my neighborhood houses were the same as mine. Everyone lived very busy lives so it was difficult to meet our neighbors.

I went to the twelfth grade in high school in Korea. Twelfth grade is the last grade in Korea like America. So I studied very hard because I wanted to go to the university. In Korea really many students don't want to go to the university, but their parents want them to. So many high school students study very hard. Our school started at 7:00 am and finished at 11:00 PM. We learned 9 subjects everyday and we went to school on Saturday, too. We students met each other a lot.

In Korea students think of their friends as brothers. I miss my friends very much. They played sports with me like basketball, soccer, and baseball. When I left Korea almost 30 friends came to the airport. They said, "Take care and send letters." When I heard my friends' voices, I was crying. I don't know why. Then I decided I would study hard and I would return to Korea someday.

I heard many things about America in Korea. They said to me, "Americans hate Asian. So you must take care." But I don't think this is so when I came to Blair High School on the first day. Really many people helped me until now.

But I plan to return to Korea because there are my friends and Korea is my mother country. I want to use my knowledge for my country, Korea.

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