Memories of Vietnam

by Tam Nguyen

I was born on October 9th of 1982. I came from Vietnam, a tropical country that you can always look at and never get bored in. In Vietnam I had four sisters, four brothers, a father and a mother. But when I came to America my oldest sister and brother were left behind. When we left one of the family members felt sad but that person got over it after we were aboard the plane. I felt sad, but I got over it too.

When I came to America I realized that I had lots and lots of memories that had to deal with things like holidays and my family. But the first memory that come to my mind was the holiday when we gathered our family together and went to different places to celebrate New Year's eve. When we finished celebrating the holiday, we went home and ate all kinds of interesting Vietnamese foods.

There weren't any jobs that were available for me when I was in Vietnam because I had to go to school and get an education. And even if there were jobs available for me, I couldn't take those because at the time I was just a little kid.

When I was in Vietnam, my home and neighborhood life were different from what I have experienced in America. My neighbors were nice to my family, they helped us when we needed something and sometimes they walked to our house and enjoyed a holiday with us. My home was more exiting than in America because we got to talk and play with other kids around the neighborhood. Also my uncles and aunts were there and that was special.

I didn't make any decision about coming to America and getting a better education. My parents made me come. But even if my country is the best country for me there weren't any good things for me to learn and I wanted to experience what life is like in America. I already hope to visit my home country. And now writing this makes me think of Vietnam even more. I want to go back to Vietnam as soon as possible.

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