Coming to America: Things Are Different from My Country

by Samira Ahmed

My first experience coming from Ethiopia was obeying traffic lights and visiting movies. I also experienced traveling by bus. Watching TV on different channels was also a new experience. I watched TV every day before I found a job. The TV told me that in the U.S. nothing is a secret. No one hides anything from the public. I say this because I saw many things on talk shows. This would be shameful in my country.

America is very different from my country. Here everything is made to use in an easy way to make life easy for people. But in my country everything is difficult to use. For example there are very few buses in Ethiopia. If you miss the bus you have to wait at least for two hours. If you are lucky and the bus comes after two hours but there are many people on the bus - at least a hundred people. If is very crowded. Sometimes you can pass the stop and you can't get off because the bus does not stop. You have to scream for the driver to stop the bus. But because of so many people your voice doesn't reach to the driver!

I thought Americans would stare at me because I am different from them. But they didn't because there are different kinds of citizens I found here also.

Even though there are people from many countries here, some people not want to talk to someone that does not speak their language. I say this because I saw them at school as well as at my work place. They act like they don't see you even though, we meet everyday. They don't say "hi." As other Americans until I say "hi" first.

I have not experienced bad things so far and I have been here for four month. I sometimes miss my country but no too much. I think it is because all my family is here with me except my daddy who lives in Saudi Arabia.

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