International Student Problems: English and Friends

by Marvin Rodriguez

In Montgomery Blair High School there are about 70 different countries represented. Every year about 60 new students come to Blair who do not speak English.

Andressa Silva, is a junior at Montgomery Blair High School. She's from Brazil. She has been in the U.S. for 5 months and she has to confront the English language. "I feel bad without English because sometimes I do not understand," she said.

But for her learning English is not hard. "It's not difficult because every day the teacher speaks to me in English," she said. Another thing that is making it easy for her to learn English is that she likes the language. "I like English because I like to learn new things and I think that English is one of them," she said.

Another problem that she has along with other new students that come to Blair H.S. who do not speak English is the relationship with friends. Andressa just has a few friends in the school. Also she does not have friends outside the school. This is one thing she does not like about being in the U.S. "I would like to be in my country because there I have a lot of friends. But I came to this country because I know that here I will have more opportunities," she said.

Even though she does not have friends outside school, she is still happy because she has in this country one person from her family. "I am with my mom," she said. "For a long time I wanted to be with her."

Trevor Mekenzie is in ninth grade at Blair. He is from Honduras and has been in the country for one year and five months. Now it is not hard for him to learn English. "At the beginning it was hard because I did not understand anything. But now I feel that is easy," he said.

Something that is helping him to learn English is that in his country are many people who speak English and his grandparents too. "They are from England," he said. Even though his grandparents are from England, English is not his favorite subject. "I do not like English," he said. "But here in this country it is necessary because I will be here for a long time."

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