Editorial: Staff Should Show More Respect

This is about the relationship between the adults who work at Blair and the students.

Often we see that adults don't have respect for students. This is not for all of them, of course, but some of them. This is really bad because we spend so much time at school. One of the first things in a relationship is the respect for each other. It's almost impossible to have a good relationship without respect.

Sometimes we see teachers give orders to students but they don't have respect for them. And then the students answer in a bad way. And this makes the teachers more uncomfortable and then the students are more uncomfortable, too. It is like a loop. When these things happen, the teachers and students go to the next class in a bad mood.

The teachers always ask for respect but if they don't respect students, the students won't respect them. This happens also out of the class when the security asks us for our ID. They make you feel like criminals because some of them push us to the wall and yell at us. We understand that these are rules and that's okay but they can say the same thing in a nice way.

Blair is a really big school but we are persons not numbers. We wish that all the adults could be more personal with the students.