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Dear Advice Corner,

I am going to tell you about one of my problems in this school. Since I have been attending this school, I don't have friends and I am trying to find someone to be my friend so I can enjoy school right now. Every day when I come to school I don't have anyone to speak with, only the teachers. So that makes me very angry with school because I don't have friends that will help me without the teacher helping me. I don't have anybody to discuss or talk about my country or anything else. But I am also very shy. I would like someone to help me with this problem.

Shy Person

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Dear Shy Person

The advice that I want to give to you is to make friends. If you don't go to talk to other students nobody will talk to you because they think that you are not friendly. If you meet one person, that person will bring another friend so you can have many fiends.

Senayit Girma, Blair H.S.

Dear Shy Person,

Friend, I think your problem of not having a friend is a difficult question. But I will try to tell you what I think. I think that some people have this problem. I was the one that I didn't have a friend. When I came here I was alone and I was crying and every day I remembered my friends that I had when I was back home. I still I do that but, when I stayed thinking about it I started to not have a friend.

But if you want to have a friend you can have it. When you stay longer you will have a friend but you have to be sociable not shy. If you get the person, try to study him/her then try to look like them and to communicate with them. Don't be a shy person. If you want to be not a shy person you can watch movies, you can talk with different people, you can do different types of sports, read different books and literature. I think that can help you. I hope you will get a good friend.

Redet Feseha, Blair H.S.


Dear Shy Person,

My advice to you is that you should change your personality and be talkative and friendly. You should not be so shy. Maybe other people don't know that you want to be their friend. Try to be friendly and that might be a way you can get friends. Good Luck!

Elia Coronado, Wood M.S.


Dear Shy Person,

What you should do is try to talk to somebody. I don't have many friends either, but I try to know someone by talking. Maybe this person can be your best friend. Ask the counselor if you could make a group of friends after school, OK?

Ana Maschioro, Wood M.S.

Dear Advice Corner,

I have a problem with my algebra class. The problem is that I can't understand what is going on in that class. The algebra is very hard for me because I don't understand English well. Maybe if the teacher is Spanish I can get the algebra. Please tell me what I have to do to get a good grade in that class. I am very happy with one boy that helps me because I am not alone. If I were alone, I maybe won't come to school. But I have to come because I need to go to college to be a professional person in the future. I am not lazy but algebra drives me crazy.

Troubled by Algebra

Dear Troubled,

I think you should try to learn some professional words by asking your parents or going to the library to borrow some books about algebra to learn and study with the boy who helps you. Then you can ask him when you don't understand.

Tuongminh Pham, Wood M.S.

Dear Troubled,

I can't tell you about algebra because I'm not an algebra person, I'm in math 8. But I think you could do all your classwork. If you don't understand, go over the notes that you took in your math class and study until you understand.

Yesenia Larios, Wood M.S.