From Central Falls High School


by Jhony Colonia
There once was a pig named Boo
Who liked to chase the girls in the zoo
There was a girl he followed the most
She saw him and wanted to have a roast
Boo tried to run from her
But she caught him, killed him and ate him too.

About Central Falls High School

by Omar Libed

Central Falls High School is the only school in this small densly populated city of over 20,000 people in one square mile[Cenral Falls, Rhode Island].

The high school is from grades 9-12. We have a little cafeteria and a big auditorium for entertainment. We have a gym. We have a nice library with computers and the Internet. We have a guidance office for our guidance.

The 800 students are from all the world: Puerto Rico, Colombia, Cape Verde, Dominican Republic, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Haiti, El Salvador, Cuba, Venezuela, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Liberia, Russia, England, the United States, France, Senegal, Hong Kong, China, Saint Thomas and Saint Croix. They speak many languages. They are very friendly.

Many teachers speak many languages: Mr. Yates, Ms. Boss etc. They help the students. There is a home/school liason who helps teachers and students.

I like the school because it is a small school.


I Love You

by Elaine Pla
I always thank God for you being with me and
I pray to never lose you.
I thank you for you being the way you are
And for being by my side all the time
For erasing my past
And for living my present.
I love you just because I love you.
Never forget that you've got a friend that you can trust.
I love you because in my painful time
You were my only happiness.

Bottle in the Head

by Mauricio Colonia
There once was a boy named Ted
Who used to say things that made people turn red.
One day he said something to a guy named Fottle.
Who grabbed a giant bottle
And hit him squarely in the head.


by Shirley Hincapie
The stars are in the sky,
With the moon this night,
And my LOVE is with me


by Mario Diaz
You are so beautiful and
You are the most lovely person in my life
All that I have belongs to you
Because you are my heart.
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