Getting Addicted to the Telephone

by Narema Alli

As a foreign student, I did not now much about the phone back in my country. I was told in my country that the phone was for emergency messages when someone died or maybe another important reason. Mostly the rich people in my country had a phone or maybe some of the middle class people.

The first time I saw a phone, I was looking at the phone I was wondering how it works. But things have changed.

When I first came to this country how excited I was about lot of new things - especially the phone. I used to think that I could pick the phone up and call all my friends back in my country and also my new American friends. Sometimes I would sneak up and use the phone late at the night. But then my parents found out.

So my mom and dad said to me, "We are going to set some ground rules in this house."

It was hard at first but I decided to flow with my parents' rules. Now things are going find with my parents and I still have my rules.

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