We Must Think about College


by Weyinshet Paulos

When I hear about college I feel very happy and glad. It is really a very nice and right place to think about. College is the bridge for our lives to be good. Our chance to have a good life is based on education. We can't get anything with out education.

If we want to build our lives on a good base why don't we just start thinking about education on which everybody all around the world is focusing. Why don't we start planning our lives for the future? If we start thinking and planning our lives for the future it cannot hurt us. Even more it is going to help us a lot.

When I say education I do not mean only something that goes with reading, writing and studying. But also other things that interest us and our skills and knowledge are education. So let us start choosing, thinking and planning for a college a career now. Everything starts from the beginning and nothing is going to be started in the middle or at end.