Le Bassin Blue

by Bellini Cadet

Le Bassin Blue means in English "The Blue Basin." Le Bassin Blue is a waterfall. The water is sky blue and very fresh. A lot of tourists visit there when they go to Haiti. People actually travel there by bikes because cars can't go there.

In 1998 I went to Haiti and I spent 10 months there. And while I was there I heard a lot of stories about the Bassin. But one day I was walking with one of my uncles and he told me an interesting one. Here's what he told me.

Le Bassin is far away from here, but a lot of people go to visit to try to see the money that is at the bottom of the Bassin. Nobody can take that money and no one has ever tried because that money is protected by a zombi under the water. But if by any chance the zombi gives the money to someone, that is a different story.

There was a poor old woman who was living with three children. She had nothing. She was working hard in her cornfield to eat and to take care of the kids. But she had no intention of being rich one day because she was used to living the way that she was living.

One night while she was sleeping, she fell into a nice dream. In the dream all she heard was one voice of a man, and the man identified himself as the master of the Blue Basin. This is what he told her: "I choose you and only you to share my treasure. Tomorrow I want you to go to the Blue Basin at 12:00 PM and you may hear thunder. You must see smokes coming from the water, but don't be scared. Just wait and you will see a suitcase on the water coming in your direction and when you can reach it just take it and leave, but don't tell anybody about how you have become rich."

The next morning she woke up and brushed her teeth. She didn't say a word to anybody and at exactly 12:00 PM she went to the Basin. When she got there, just like the voice said, she heard thunder and saw smoke coming from the water. But stupidly she ran and left money behind. She was too scared to face all those terrible things.

When night time came she went to sleep. Again she fell into another dream and the same voice was speaking to her. It said, "You are nothing but a stupid old poor woman. You will always stay poor until you die, for leaving that money that everybody is dying to have."

And this is why nobody ever can get that money. People actually die in that Bassin. When they swim down for the money,they never come back up alive.

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